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A web application security service.

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Why Get?

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Security, Protection and Trust

HACKER TESTED™ is a website and web application security service. This service includes the following primary products and services:
  1. SSL Certificate – This 256-bit encryption technology prevents sensitive data from being stolen over internet protocol and secures transactions and internet activity.
  2. PCI Scanning – This scanning service prevents potential security breaches and potential fines from credit card processing companies due to lack of compliance.
  3. Trust Mark – This trust mark can be displayed on the website or web application and communicates to visitors that the website can be trusted as it has been tested for standard security protocol.


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Get Secure. Get Protected. Get Trusted.

Why Get?

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The Trust Mark

This trust mark is based on the idea that we can show documentation from an ASV that the network has been scanned by an ASV and deemed compliant. If you feel that you have a reputable host and you have a PCI scan within the last 30 days that has documentation of your compliance, you may apply for our TrustMark Only service. This service will allow you to display our trust mark on your website to build credibility and trust with your website users. Hacker Tested is a mark that has credibility with the minds of consumers and as such merchants must follow guidelines to prove their compliance before this mark can be displayed.

SSL Certificates

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol has become the universal standard for authenticating websites and for encrypting communications between consumers and Web servers. SSL is built into all major browsers and Web servers. SSL Certificates provide consumers with peace of mind in that a reputable digital certificate company has validated the authenticity of the online company and secured relevant information. Learn more about SSL certificates.
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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can be complicated. Savavo knows that. That is why Savavo offers a simple and painless way for all Savavo hosting clients to become PCI compliant. Savavo can help you solve all 12 requirements by scanning the hosting environment of your website each quarter and provided a PCI compliant report for your merchant bank and help you answer the Self Assessment Questionnaire each year. Savavo complete PCI scanning service scans of all areas in order to ensure PCI compliance including:
  • Port related vulnerabilities
  • Network related vulnerabilities
  • Application related vulnerabilities

Complete PCI scanning service includes:

  • Help with the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which is completed yearly as required by PCI.
  • Quarterly scanning of the network (we will scan you 4 times a year as required by PCI).
  • Anytime on-demand scans are available at any time that are necessary to maintain PCI DSS Compliance.
  • PCI Compliant Certification to be sent to requiring authorities.
Our PCI service is ‘hands-off’ for the client. All vulnerabilities and PCI compliance issues will be taken care of by Savavo and its partners. Savavo (and it’s partners) will not only get your PCI compliance started and identify which vulnerabilities you may have, but we will fix them! Compare this rate to the popular services at McAfee, TrustWave, Security Innovation, and Qualys. Merchants should be aware that they can be fined up to $550,000 and/or suspension of ability to process transactions if they are not PCI compliant. For more information on risks please visit


Savavo is not an ASV or a QSA and is not directly involved with evaluating or validating merchant PCI compliance requirements. We have partnered with multiple different Certification Authorities and Approved Scanning Vendors to offer security.

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Is it for me?

To put it simply, if you handle credit card data on any level on your website (i.e. your domain name), you will need the security offered by the HACKER TESTED™ service.

What about Hosting?

If your website is hosted with HACKER TESTED™, you will receive all security vulnerability fixes for free as part of the service. If you have your website hosted elsewhere, then you will be given scanning results but cannot receive vulnerability fixes, as we do not have root access to your server to make server changes.

Why the trust mark?

HACKER TESTED™ helps convert your website visitors into buyers by giving them the assurance that your website has been tested for security vulnerabilities. If your website passes PCI DSS compliance, then your website can bear the HACKER TESTED™ logo. This logo will communicate to your users that your website is in compliance with the security standards set by the major credit card companies. Learn about Security offered by using HackerTested products for your website.