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FRAN Chart


your team is the most important resource you have in franchising

FRAN Chart was built to help the modern franchises to determine power outages related to team dynamics very quickly

You’ll create more leverage, where you do less and get more results starts with knowing and using the potential of your team.

Bring transparency to team dynamics.

Immediate Impact

FRAN Chart is quite possibly the simplest yet most valuable tool within just a few short moments. Using this tool requires no help, no team, no expert and makes getting value out of it, dead simple.

immediate impact
quick action

Take Quick Action

FRAN Chart makes it easy to make quick decisions regarding your team and your obstacles. The perspective and insights gained by creating a quick diagram of your entire team, so simply and easily makes Fran Chart™ one of the first places to start.

Clarity for Everyone

FRAN Chart is very valuable to your team primarily because it creates clarity on what EVERY person in the organization is doing, what they are in charge of and how their role plays with others and their roles. We are convinced that with a short investment of time and relative fun, franchisors and franchisees will create clarity for team members across the entire franchise system.

clarity everyone

How are your franchise development efforts going?