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What is Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing has been around essentially since the start of the world wide web. As direct marketers learned about the power of sending advertising to people electronically instead of just through the mail, it helped them increase their business exponentially. The first thing that happens in e-mail marketing is building a list of people to send e-mails to. As people sign-up for various things on the web their names can be put on a list. Marketers can either buy e-mail leads or generate them on their own website by using a sign-up form. When you have a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer as they have subscribed to your newsletter or offer then you can send a mass advertisement or information to a huge amount of people at one time.

What Services are there for Email Marketing?

There are many companies you could try to use for an email marketing software. Many of them are really good. The recommended software service platforms are listed below.
AWeber is the leading email marketing service provider to top internet marketers. Most successful 6 and 7 figure income internet marketers use AWeber for their email marketing campaigns. The growing AWeber team has a wealth of experience and knowledge about permission-based email marketing with the over 65,000 current daily clients more….
Get Response
GetResponse is a leader and innovator in permission-based email marketing and is one of the most improved email marketing companies in 2009. GetResponse is used by small to mid-sized companies all over the world more….

Use Savavo for Email Marketing?

If you would like to use Savavo for email marketing, feel free to contact us and we can get you running in our email marketing software and manage your campaign for you. We can help you create the emails and get you started building a lite. Savavo is your source for all web and marketing needs.

How do I build an email marketing list?

There are many ways to generate and build a list. You can buy e-mail leads from a lead broker. You can have a sign-up form on your website offering something of value in order for a visitor to give you their name and e-mail. You can have a survey where they give you their opinion plus have them put their information down. When building your list you can have your visitors individually opt-in or double opt-in. Using an e-mail marketing system will help you with both options. Here is a breakdown of what Savavo offers for email marketing:


  • Creation of Offers

    The foundational idea for email marketing is to offer your visitors something of value by subscribing to mailing lists. We will help you create valuable offers of enticements for your visitors.
  • Installation of Forms

    The goal for email marketing is to capture subscribers. We will place opt-in forms on your website in strategic places to receive optimal opt-in subscriptions. We will help you write compelling content to appeal to visitors to get them to opt-in to the mailing list.

Goals for Onsite

  • Effectively write content to invoke users to sign up for offers.
  • Prepare enticing offers for subscribers to opt-in.


  • Broadcast Messages

    We will send offers, promotions, or any email to the subscribed list. All broadcasts will be CAN-SPAM ACT compliant. HTML email or standard text email may be used in broadcasts.
  • Follow-up Messages

    We will create an auto-responder email series that will automatically send scheduled emails at set intervals to subscribers. All follow-up messages will be CAN-SPAM ACT compliant.

Goals for Offsite

  • Increase ‘top-of-mind awareness’ for your website.
  • Increase website traffic through offers.
  • Increase open rates and email deliverability.
  • Get subscribers to utilize offers.