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Case Study:

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Executive Summary:

GAP Engineering is a successful engineering company specializing in the implementation of automation projects. President and Co-Founder, Mike Homma, was referred to SAVAVO by a trusted advisor who was helping him with messaging and customer acquisition.

The Challenge:

In spite of a rich understanding of client needs and robust solutions GAP Engineering had multiple potential sales stalled and was being passed over by larger potential clients.

The Solution:

By following the Savavo marketing methodology GAP Engineering was able to hone in on key customer drivers and then develop specific messaging around each driver. The messaging was especially developed to create an emotional response in the potential client that would move them toward purchasing. The sales and marketing team integrated the new messaging into marketing materials and customer correspondence.

The Results:

The new messaging caused immediate sales from stalled potential clients. In addition larger potential clients that previously had overlooked GAP Engineering are now in talks with the firm.

“SAVAVO helped us speed up [our] process…and added some new ideas that we hadn’t thought of to help create a very powerful marketing message”-Mike Homma, President