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The Importance of a Well-Designed Website

Jul 15, 2019

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This weekend, I ordered my groceries online, bought some new hair products from Amazon, ordered Chipotle on the app and bought movie tickets online. In 2019, almost every business has a website. Even if it just a landing page to explain what they offer, it is imperative that a company has an online presence to attract customers. Millennials are the largest generation in America right now, and they are very tech savvy. Websites are a huge indicator how up-to-date a company is with current cultural trends, and a poorly designed website can turn customers away quickly, even if the product is great. Here are some things to look for when designing your own website, or making improvements on your existing one.

First and foremost, you need to have a website. It is very frustrating when you are trying to look up a business and all they have is a facebook page. Or nothing at all. There are many website templates that will host your site and help your create it for practically nothing. A lot of small business owners feel like they don’t know how to create or maintain a website, but now it is easier than ever because websites are so commonplace they have become even more user friendly than before.

If you designed a website once in 2002 and then left it alone for over 10 years, chances are your website looks so outdated that it is just embarrassing. Always improving on user experience is key to establishing that your business is credible. Even if the information stays the same, the way that you display the information is what creates buzz. People have entire careers where people just focus on the overall look of a website. Whether it is sourced out to a third party, or it is built in house, make sure that is streamlined to reflect the latest and greatest in website design.

Does your website have a mobile version? Does it have a clear call to action, such as “purchase here” or “Contact us”? Is the color scheme pleasant to look at? Is there no movement, or even too much? Is the written content free of spelling errors and concise? Does your website clearly convey your overarching mission? Some businesses seem to forget that a website is just as important to their brand as a logo, an advertisement and a social media page. A poorly designed website can show people that you don’t take pride in your work and how your present yourself, so make sure that you feel confident with your design. Critical feedback is important, so don’t be afraid to ask for help with the design because it will be a great investment down the road.

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